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Because life sometimes challenges us, Nature and Nurture Counselling and Coaching offer supportive spaces to unpack your worries and gain new perspectives . Director Lucy Heywood is a qualified counsellor and registered with the Australian Counselling Association. Lucy has worked with  children, young people and families in family support, early intervention initiatives and  mental health programs in community organisations and schools .Lucy has also worked in expressive arts and specialises in emotional coaching to help children and adults develop meaningful coping strategies to navigate through and learn from stress to increase “bounce-back-ability”.

The practice also currently works with NDIS plan managed and self-managed participants, is LGBTIAQ + friendly and welcomes neurodiversity. You are valued as an individual and  we offer phone, virtual appointments and FTF options to connect on The Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane.

"A calm mind brings inner strength and
 Dalai Lama

Services Provided 

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Rediscover useful tools and find new tools to pull out of your tool kit when facing tricky situations

Help to :

understand your worries and make a plan

manage big feelings

understand your body clues

try changes in behaviour to get a better result

find the right words when we need to talk about our feelings

manage new situations 

coach caregivers or teachers about how to provide support to help you


Young People 

Support to tell your story, be heard and find helpful ways to problem solve and manage stress in your particular situation

Support to :

 increase self- esteem , be you and enjoy being you

find clarity amidst jumbled thoughts

identify, prioritise and work through issues that are bothering you

understand thinking traps

cope with managing change

understand your brain

get back on track when feeling shaky

find effective coping strategies


Emotional coaching and positive psychology principles to be your best version of yourself

Assistance to :

make sense of your experiences

find a way to become unstuck

understand behaviour

embrace change

gain perspective on a new or recurring issue

challenge unhelpful thinking

work through grief, loss and uncertainty

gain insight about identity and purpose

discover what’s working well, what’s getting in the way and what you would like to do about it 

How We Work

How We Work 


You are the expert in your own life – Lucy Heywood counsellor  listens in strength based and trauma informed ways to honour this.    

 Some people prefer to be active while thinking through a problem and we offer talk and walk as a service to accommodate this, understanding the benefits of movement and of being in nature . At, we also encourage animal assisted interactions, recognising the power of these bonds and the unique ways animals can help us heal.

 For people who might benefit from more expressive ways to connect, drama therapy is also offered as using our imagination can help to gain new perspectives and approach things differently.

 Others are comfortable in counselling rooms and many people appreciate the convenience and  privacy of online options. Either way, you choose what works for your unique situation and we will endeavour to accommodate wherever we can.

Evening and Saturday appointments are also available and standard sessions are 40 minutes for children and one hour for young people and adults. Information is confidential unless you or someone else may be at risk of being in danger.


Your investment in yourself begins now 


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the many lands Australians live in and travel through.

We work across the Sunshine Coast and pay deep and sincere respect to kabi Kabi / Gubbi Gubbi and Jinibara Elders, Traditional Owners and Leaders. We recognise First Australians connection to and caretaking of the air, land and water, and understand that this always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

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Int:+ 61 424 386 492 

Ph:   0424 386 492

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